I need a Zen moment…

13 Dec

I don’t know what the hell my problem is today, but apparently I hate everybody.  You would think I would be in an amazing mood since I am leaving for my Hawaiian vacation in 2 days, but it’s just one of those days!!!

Annoyance #1 – I was listening to the radio at work and that new Rihanna and Drake “What’s My Name” song came on.  I already can’t stand Drake as it is, and when he started to rap, I literally wanted to rip my own ears off.  I’ve never really listened to the lyrics before and the second line of his verse is “Yea you know word of mouth”, but Drake says mouf, as if the word ends with an F.  Dude seriously, I googled you and it says that you attended one of the most prestigious high schools in Toronto.  I’m pretty sure that you are well aware that “TH” put together does NOT create an F sound.  I don’t know what you’re trying to prove, but you are an educated person, so pronouce you’re f*ing words properly.  And I did NOT know your name was Aubrey!! 

Annoyance #2 – OK, don’t know what is up with the ladies in my office building today.  Girls, if you’re going to do something nasty in the bathroom, please have the courtesy to flush the f*ing toilet.  It’s not a hard concept.  It’s common sense and it’s down right rude and disgusting when you don’t.

Annoyance #3 – My wonderfully socially awkward co-worker, who can’t handle social situations, got our divisional lunch cancelled this week.  I work in a division where it is almost near impossible to get all 10 of us to be available for a lunch on the same day, but we were finally able to find a day before Christmas and before everyone goes on holidays and of course, Debbie Downer had to ruin the whole f*ing thing.  And now a new one won’t be planned until much later in the new year.  Thanks B*tch.

2 more days.  2 more days.  2 more days!!!!!!


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