Maybe if I stare at my phone long enough, it will magically ring??

4 Nov

I can’t help but feel super bummed right now and extremely frustrated.  Last week, I felt like I was in the greatest mood and this week, it’s been shit.  It’s like I’ve heard, or in this case, not heard shitty news all week.

A few weeks ago, I applied for this job that I really, really wanted.  I was called in for an interview and I nailed it.  The Human Resources manager that I met with loved me.  She told me that she thought I was terrific.  She said that I had a lot of potential and that she could see me going really far with this company, even into management.  Needless to say, I was thrilled.  There was one slight problem though.  I have my Hawaii trip coming up at Christmas and this time of year is a blackout period for them.  I knew going into the interview that this would pose a problem but the H.R. Manager said that she would take it to upper management and see what she could do.

A week passes by and I get a phone call from her.  She tells me that she was able to get my holidays approved and because of the growth that they could see in my future and how motivated I was to work for this company, they would make this exception.  Then she says she needs me to meet with another manager for a final interview.  But for me not to worry, because it’s not really an interview and that this is more of a “meet and greet” with who would be my direct management.  She also says that this manager is totally aware of my holidays and not to worry about bringing that up because it’s all good. 

So I go and meet with this other manager, and it’s a full on formal interview with 4 pages of questions.  Questions that I had already answered in the first interview but whatever.  Then she starts asking me if I plan to take any holidays at Christmas.  I tell her about my planned trip and then say that the first girl told me that she had let this girl know.  She says she sort of remembers something about this but has it all wrong.  Thinks that I’ll be away for like 2 days when I’m gone for 2 weeks.  Then she starts talking about some group interview.  I tell her that I don’t know what she’s talking about and she says “so how did you get an interview?”  I tell her that I handed in a resume and the H.R. Manager called me.  She says “Oh, so you had a one on one?”  I say yes and she looks at me with the most confused face ever.  She had no idea who I was or what the hell was going on.  She was so unprepared for this interview that it kind of threw me off and the interview was kind of awkward at times.  But, I totally thought that I pulled through and we still got along great.  She was nice, but unprepared.  Anyways, so she tells me that she will let me know by the next day.  Then we say our goodbyes and “nice to meet you” and I head out.  On my way out, she comes after me and stops me and says she forgot to get my references and grabs them from me. 

Well, it’s been over a week now and she hasn’t called me and she hasn’t called my references.  I even made a follow-up phone call but wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone, so I had to leave a message and still…nothing.  I’m sorry, but how the hell do you go from thinking that I have all this potential and getting my holidays approved and blah, blah, blah to not even having the courtesy to call me back.  Especially when they said that I would get a call either way.  Then, if you didn’t like me in the 2nd interview, why would you chase me down to get my references after I had left, and then not even call them??

I’m just really frustrated with this because the first girl talked to me like I already had the job.  Seriously, what the hell happened in this time frame that made them completely change their minds about me and not even have the decency to call me back??  They didn’t check my references so it’s not like I got a bad review.  And I wouldn’t be so mad about it if they just called me.  Even if I didn’t get it, I would be fine with that.  Don’t tell me that you will let me know either way by the very next day and then not call.  And after I’ve left a message for a follow-up, you still don’t have the courtesy to call me.  Seriously, you are in management.  This is part of your job to make these calls.  Strap on a set.

Anyways, I’m annoyed.  But obviously it wasn’t meant to be, and the job which I had my heart set on, apparently isn’t right for me.  I’m being hopeful that something better is out there for me in this same field and I’m sure it is, but right now, it feels good to bitch about it.


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