Happy Monday!!!

1 Nov

This Monday morning started off like any other Monday morning.  I was actually in a great mood for it being a Monday.  But that’s probably because I’m still on a sugar high from all of the Halloween candy I ate this weekend.  Anyways, so I walked into my little pod of 4 cubicles, where I sit with 2 other co-workers (who are pretty cool and fun to talk to), and the talks of how all our weekends went commenced.

As you all know, this past weekend was Halloween.  So our conversations were obviously about Halloween.  The one guy that sits with us says that he doesn’t like Halloween.  He has a small daughter and he isn’t very keen on the idea of kids getting candy from perfect strangers and he doesn’t see the need for any child to have that much candy.  Completely understandable, a little overprotective, but totally a valid point.

As we are talking, the socially awkward girl who hates everything and sits in the pod next to us, comes over to say good morning and join in the conversation.  Uninvited, of course.  We ask how her Halloween went and she starts going off about how much she hates Halloween because she doesn’t understand it and that it’s the stupidest day she’s ever heard of.

Ummm…WTF???  OK That’s fine, I get that not everyone likes Halloween, but what are you trying to understand about it??  The day isn’t for you to understand, it’s just a day to have fun and it’s a tradition that’s been carried over about 500 years.  If you don’t “get” it, then effing wikipedia it or google it and figure it out.  And like I said, it’s for fun.  A 3 letter word you are obviously not too familiar with since everything that comes out of your mouth is a complaint. 

So I try and argue my side saying that it’s just for fun and it’s great for kids and who cares if you don’t get it.  But she starts ranting in my face at 7:30am again about how she “JUST DOESN’T GET IT” and “WHAT’S THE POINT?”.  Like seriously, your obnoxious voice screaming about how you don’t get something, which is actually just an excuse to cover up your social awkwardness, is not what I want to hear first thing on Monday morning.  Maybe if you had a valid reason like the other guy, I wouldn’t feel the need to want to throw my coffee mug at your head.  But the fact that you “just don’t get it” isn’t a good enough reason for me.  Now go back to your desk and get back to your busy day of creeping on Facebook and shopping online at Abercrombie and Fitch, and get the hell out of my face.

Alright, I know it’s not a big deal and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you know when you have that ONE person in your office that you CAN’T STAND, so hearing any opinion that they have on anything, whether you agree or not, is like having your nails ripped off one by one.  Well, this chick is mine.

Have a great Monday everyone!!!


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